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Even the most ordinary of men can become heroes when they receive the call to adventure, women as well. So many stories start with the protagonist as an ordinary citizen living their lives, happily or unhappily, perhaps wanting more of life, craving adventure, or just curious about the world, until something pops up to change their lives forever. And hey, mine are no exception. After all, who hasn't wanted their plain old life to change with the sudden appearance of something out of the ordinary? These are three are characters whose lives are changed forever either through people, gods, and creatures barging into their paths.

Elpida-(left) The sister of a simple traveling merchant, Elpida practically grew up on the trails of ancient Greece, traveling with her brother and their father before his death. She and her brother are not wealthy, nor are they poor. They are middling. Contrary to her happy, cheerful, and optimistic (if at times cowardly) older brother, Elpida is more serious, quiet, thoughtful, and quietly brave, rarely speaking and often allowing her brother to do the talking. When she does speak, however, she certainly means what she says and is not afraid to let her thoughts be known. One day on their way to the next city on their trade route, the two come across a temple dedicated to Hypnos that has been desicrated by the blood of its slain priests and looted. After giving the priests a respectful burial, the understandably spooked siblings continue on to the next city, only to find the entire city asleep save for a priest who survived the slaughter at Hypnos's temple. Apparently Hypnos has placed a curse upon the city as the ones that destroyed his temple are hiding within. However, should the god fail to find them, his sleeping spell will end them well enough, and all those within the city. So Elpida ends up volunteering to enter the realm of dreams and try to convince Hypnos to remove the curse, or find those responsible.

Zephyra-(center) Zephyra is the result of a rather scandalous affair between a princess of Thebes and the bodyguard she fell in love and ran off with. Yet, hidden away in a small friendly village, Zephyra and her parents have lived a rather uneventful life, her mother keeping her royal blood a secret and her father working as the local innkeep. Zephyra is tomboyish girl, energetic, fearless, and thinks herself invincible in the way that many teenagers do. She is also able to outrun all the boys in her village. While she is considered somewhat strange,  it is generally believed that she will settle down when she is a few years older and wiser. The apple of her father's eye, she became his entire world when her mother died a few years ago. He often comments that she has her mother's looks and his friendly, though somewhat cocky personality that he posessed as a youth. Though their relatively normal life is shattered the day an old friend of her father's shows up to drudge up the past and reveal her mother's past to her. And now Zephyra is getting caught up in the game of politics her mother left behind under the disdainful eye of her grandfather.

Zosime-(right) Her story starting at the age of thirteen, plain and forgettable Zosime is the youngest and only daughter of three of a middle class family in Athens. While both her brothers are doing well for themselves, one rising quickly in politics, the other a successful merchant within the city, Zosime appears to be the failure of her family. She is ever ruled by her emotions, often loses her temper, and is bullied constantly by other children. She is also subject to many of her perfect, vain, beautiful mother's criticisms, being called stubborn, difficult, depressing, and moody along with constantly being guilt-tripped by her. And while on the surface, it seems that they are a traditional male-headed family, it is Zosime's mother who truly calls the shots, seeing as her husband is a hen-pecked coward, unable to maintain any semblence of authority behind closed doors. He attempts to find solace in Zosime, however she unfortunately views him as weak and pities him while at the same time somewhat repulsed by his inability to stand up for himself. Zosime feels suffocated, angry, like she's never good enough, and that there's no way for her to feel normal or happy. Yet when one day she comes face to face with two nymphs and a satyr, things seem to take a turn for the better as she befriends them and finally has someone to talk to. The story follows Zosime through the years as she grows older and must continue hiding her friends and learning how to deal with her life amongst her fellow mortals, which proves difficult as she finds herself relating better to her unusual friends than the humans around her. Zosime also ends up dealing with her own physical changes as she goes from a bit of an ugly duckling to a swan and seeing how people treat her differently the moment they deem her "pretty". Her name means "survivor".

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