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An owl, a kiwi and a greenish "stone".
It's not really original, the necklace with the owl is from a large accessoires shop, I just added the kiwi.

Still I love this necklace. I grew up with stories from Japanese, Chinese and Greek Mythology. One of my favorite stories was the one about Athene. A strong minded Goddess, who fought for what she wanted and was brave/courageous. Who talked back to her Father Zeus whom I always considerd cruel as a child. I learned (as a child) that she was the goddess of wisdom and everytime I look at that necklace it gives me strengh to fight back and to fight for what I want, to learn, to go on.

The greenish Stone only symbolizes my favorite coulour, green. It's not exactly my favorite shade, I prefer the deep rich green of young leaves bathed in sunshine, but still it is there and also makes me smile, because due to the "wrong" shade of green, I acutally have to think about my real favorite shade of green.

The last of the three, the kiwi, was given to me by the one I love. We were on two different Islands last year over 8000 Kilometers apart, and this little fellow was my birthday present.
There are so many times, when things just go wrong or seem to not work out. It takes so much strengh and effort to go on, without knowing what the future might acutally bring...but there are also good times, good or bittersweet memories and if you look hard enough the tiniest bit of hope.
And even if everything seems to be against you, not even on purpose but just because it's life, thinking of one person, that was and is there for you however far away, thinking about that one dream that you have, or just realizing what you actually do have... I know it sounds like a clichée but thats what this little item helps me to remember when I am lost in sadness, self-hate and self-pity.

Voilà. I know that my english is not perfect, hope I explained it in an understandable way.
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