A original coloured manga - Pandora Picture

Pandora is the first woman created by the gods , the first perfect woman , endowed with beauty , wisdom and strength.

Mythological story :

"Pandora (Greek Πανδώρα ) was in Greek mythology the first
woman on earth . It was created by the gods who , jealous of Zeus
who created men decided to create a perfect woman .
Hephaestus , the god of crafts , using water and earth , gave the body
and chip . The other gods endowed her with many talents : Aphrodite
given beauty , wisdom Athens , Apollo musical talent , Hermes
persuasion . Hence its name Pandora means in
Greek language with all the gifts . [1 ]
After imitated Prometheus Zeus himself creating perfect people
clay , people who gave them life sunlight [ 2] and which
gave fire stolen from Olympus, Zeus was offended by
its boldness and decided to get revenge. He put it on Hephaestus
create a box in which the gods have taken ill : cruelty ( Ares )
arrogance ( Poseidon ) , pain / pain ( Hephaestus ) , vanity
( Hermes ) , greed and jealousy of Hera , lust ( Aphrodite ) , hatred
( Artemis ) , greed (Athens) , diseases ( Apollo ) , laziness ( Dionysus ) , sadness
( Demetra ) , fear, deception and enslavement of mortals by the gods
(Zeus ) and , last but not least, suffering and death ( Hades ) . only
Hestia ( or probably Athena, goddess of wisdom ) to
Gods highly submitting this box Hope ..
In a fit of false kindness, Zeus gave her his Prometheus on
Pandora as a wife and box ( Pandora's Box ) as a gift. feeling that
the middle is a ruse , Prometheus refused gifts . Zeus was
then turned to Epimetheus , brother of Prometheus , who subjugated the
Pandora's beauty , has accepted a wife. Pushed by his nature
curious, Epimetheus opened the box and such evils inside
escaped and were scattered on the ground. Scary, was quick to
close lid neobservând the only thing left on the bottom
box was Hope . "

Image anime character found in a fairytale world , mystical and
dark (the world being as ill discovered Pandora )
reflect these endowments of Pandora , even more power
it is amplified by its appearance and the creature warrior
( griffin ) which it controls for the air light imbaxit
pollution, gaseous black clouds .
Gryphon by force to break those spheres by convolution
they give off a gas that suffocates polluting nature .
Pandora because of its mystical forces , it reinfloreste land
and the trees and the world returns gradually clear , clean and fresh as
started ( the HOPE Pandora ) .
Pandora in my opinion is the goddess of heaven , lives in the atmosphere and
is banish the clouds and pollution . , brightening our days and
making them sunny .

Translatet by Google Romanian-English
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