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This is for my English homework, and basically we had to make our own rough sketch of our made up Greek God/Goddess. I think I worked a bit too hard on this, because I did all my research on Greek Mythology and I even checked on which Goddesses pledged to be maidens and which didn't to make this OC. I even wrote a complicated backstory and everything. Plus, we were only supposed to do a rough sketch. Oops. I guess I got a little carried away. (Hey, at least I'll get extra credit!)

T1MEL0SS, Miss Jolly is my teacher, how do you think she'll react? Do you think I'll get more merits? XD

I'll upload a step-by-step of this soon.

Her full bio:

Name: Stellas

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Type: Goddess

Hair color: Dark Ash Brown, Ash Blonde Highlights

Eye color: Gold

Powers: She has the powers to turn any living creature she touches pure at will, and she can also turn items (and even people) into a pure mineral like metals and gemstones.

Weapon(s): A staff with a circular disc at the end, in the middle there is a star made of diamond. When she is talking to any living creature, immortal or mortal, she can tell whether their intentions are pure or not because the gem will change colours. Every so often, she can change the colour preference so that no one will know what each each colour means. At the end of the staff there is a sharp tear shaped knob, symbolizing her mother’s tears.

When in battle, the golden disk will disappear and the diamond will shape itself into a thin “sparkle shape” with sharp edges. The staff also becomes shorter so it is easier to control in battle. Stellas can change her staff between these two states at will.

Birth area: Mount Olympus, Under the Constellation Virgo

Current Residence: She lives among the mortals in Athens

Birth allegiance: None

Current allegiance: The Olympians

History: Thirty-one days after Asterea turned into Virgo, Asterea herself opened her eyes to look as the world grew more and more corrupted. She started to cry, but instead of cry tears she cried stars. The stars dropped onto mount Olympus, forming Stellas.

After many days, the stars forged Stellas as well as a staff of pure gold and her dress of silk and her shawl made of gold mesh.

When Stellas first woke up, her mother looked down at her and sent her off to be the second goddess of Innocence and Purity and to take her place in the world below as she was no longer able to. It was her mission to bring back the utopian golden age that Asterea herself was the representative of, to fulfill the ancient legend of Asterea returning to restore innocence and purity.

Personality: She seldom talks, but instead she listens carefully to others to observe how they act and she talks to mortals, gifting the ones with pure intentions and purifying the others with more sinister thoughts. When she does talk, she has a very soft voice and she rarely raises it.

When she gets agitated, she’ll start to raise her voice and her usual golden aura will turn to orange and start to warm up. She is not afraid to step in and fight alongside the Olympians if needed.

She is a very calm and logistic person, but she can also overthink things at times.

Strengths: She is good at analyzing a person’s personality, preferences and thoughts by observing their body movement, way of speech and behavior.

Weaknesses: She is scared of talking too much to mortals and immortals alike with sinister thoughts as she is afraid they’ll corrupt her.

Family: Asterea (mother), Astraeus (grandfather), Eos (grandmother)

Likes: The Calm and Quiet

Dislikes: Lies and Destruction

Fears: She is afraid that one day the titans will return, and she is also scared of dark areas. Sometimes, she will rely on her staff too much to light up an area and she forgets that she can to it herself.

Clothing: She tends to wear soft brown leather sandals, her regular dress made of white and gold linen plus her golden mesh scarf. Her clothes are wavy and usually her scarf will levitate it’s end in the air itself. She decorates her dress by adding a golden belt to it.

When she is fighting, the first layer of the skirt on her dress will extend slightly to reach her knees and the long bottom layer will then fade away. She keeps her sandals and her shawl will merge with her belt and a bit of it will flow over the skirt of her dress. Once again, Stellas can change between these two states at will.
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