The Bastard Queen-Zephyra Picture

Yet another fiesty female character. This little darling here, is Zephyra, bastard daughter of a princess of Thebes who has never seen a palace until the age of sixteen. Basically, her mother was a lovely princess and only child of the King of Thebes. She was betrothed to a prince of Athens, but instead fell in love with her guard and ran off with him. About a year later, Zephyra was born. Skip to sixteen years later and Zephyra is a restless, tomboyish young woman with tons of energy. When men working for her royal grandfather come to take her to Thebes to be groomed by her grandfather for politics. She is then taught how to maneuver the world of climbing the ladder of power by any means possible.

Made using Azalea's Dolls Goddess…
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