AGAFG 27 Picture

Page twentyseven. This one was actually a bit painful for me to draw (and not because of all the hatchings).

Her name is Timareta. The name and the text in the first bubble is taken from an epigram dating back to Hellenistic times (I think). I've seen it in two different translations and here I've mixed them a bit to get the most readable version.

Timareta married very young, probably at the age of fifteen, with a man almost twice as old. Quite common during that time, especially if you lived in Athens. The marriage was of course all arranged by her father and there was never any romantic love between her and her husband. He chose her because she was of a good family and he needed someone to give him legitimate children. But he was still kind to her. Her life would probably have been pretty decent if she hadn't died from giving birth.

I've been wondering if maybe I should add a page later, between this and the previous one, and show more of her memories from when she was younger. Maybe.
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