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Chapter Six: The First Peloponnesian War

Back to Mama G for a bit. A few notes on the thoughts in my head when I wrote this
- oh crap oh crap i should make this comic about greece oh crap how do i fit her in agh hell how do i make people read this
- Egypt is a person with a reverence for life. We think of the Egyptians as obsessed with death, but it was the opposite. They were concerned about death because they were so in love with life they wanted it to go on... I can't remember where I heard that but it's a quote that has stuck with me.
- Conversely the Greeks give the impression of being hella misanthropic... although we should take that with a grain of salt as well
- The Orientalizing Period: Greek art was heavily influenced by Near Eastern and Egyptian art. The Greeks adapted weird creatures like sphinxes and griffins into their own mythology, since they did not have the cultural contexts to explain them.
- Greece and Egypt were longtime friends. Egyptians didn't mind foreigners at times, especially if they were respectful of Egyptian culture, but they recognized them as dangerous and thought of them as "ritually unclean". Greece has always had a fascination with Egypt and it is said that some of the earliest foreigners to settle in Egypt were Greek colonists escaping hardship back home.
- Freeing Egypt was secondary to stirring up trouble- turmoil in Egypt kept Persia away from Greece.
- Hellenism is coming up ladies watch out

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