Let Me Rock You Picture

This is my entry for the DeviantArt Mythical Creature Design contest.
The purpose was to design a mythical creature for a t-shirt.
As you maybe already saw, I did Medusa, one of the tree Gorgon sisters of the greek mythology.
I chose her for two reasons. 1: because her story is my favorite myth. 2: she is a very well known mythical character, so you dont have to explain what the hell is on your shirt.
She may not be an original choice, but hey, why not try it!
At least I had fun drawing her.

Medusa was a beautifull young girl. She was a priest in the tempel of Athene. All priests had to be virgin.
One day Poseidon raped her inside the temple of Athene. Athene punished Medusa for this (How cruel is that) by turning her into the monsterrous look that made her famous. the snake tail and snakes in her hair and the abbillity to turn everybody who made eyecontact into stone. (this explains the joke)

Hope you guys like it as much as I do!
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