Alicia Floris Picture

name : Alicia floris but she doesn't like her name

other names : potty -she prefers this name please

species : earth pony

talent : sculpting

personality : she is a big feminist and speaks her mind a lot, which often lands her into trouble she is creative but self conscious most of the time. she's generally kind but if you cross her or get her on the wrong day she will not be happy because she can certainly hold a grudge

residence : Aclopolis Athens (ancient times )

birthplace : Acropolis Athens (ancient Times )

flaw(s) : tends to jump to judgement quickly

likes : shoes, making statues, being alone in her workshop, museums, gladiator races

dislikes : people helping her and invading her space, people who can't appreciate art, gladiator fights

cutie Mark : a clay pot thing

backstory : potty was born in the Athens Greece ( I challenge you to think of a pony pun for that ) she had a pretty good childhood and like many Greek ponies an elegant upbringing, one day she went on a trip with her school to the museum and she was fascinated with the many statues and sculptures that were there, she became obsessed with recreating one of the beautiful jugs she saw there ( she didn't want to aim too high ) so she got some clay and got to sculpting, now as you can imagine sculpting with hooves is quite hard and she didn't expect much but the pot turned out great! and it was that, that earned her, her cutiemark, she continued making sculptures and various pottery, which she hasn't decided to turn into a professions yet, as she fears it would become less fun.

THIS PONY IS SET IN ANCIENT GREECE, however, I still believe that the world of mlp, or at least ponyville is set in a Greek/medival time but is still modern, which is why they get lots of different creatures from Greek / medival mythology while still having some technology like cameras and ovens

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