Athena Character Development Sheet I Picture

Well after 3 weeks of stop and go work I finally finished a character reference/development sheet for "The Lady of Athens."

Anyway here are a few expressions and poses as rudimentary as a few of them may have turned out, they are all numbered in the order in which I drew them in.

1.) is suppose to be a "laid back" kind of pose and expression, which was a bit more work than originally anticipated during the first initial sketch up.

2.) is suppose to be more of a "ready for a sword duel" action type pose, I imagine Athena being pretty pissed off or angry or just trying to use said tactics to instill fear in the eyes of her enemies on the battle field.

3.) is supposed to be more of gesture displaying annoyance or displeasure. I can only imagine what she might be thinking at this point, "Gods, satyrs are so annoying." This expression came out pretty well.

4.) could be a classic example of grief, pain, or sadness. I imagine that this is expression/emotion that Athena might have went through after mourning the loss of her closest friend Pallas after she was accidentally slain by the hands of Athena herself. This one actually didn't turn out half bad with all consideration.

5.) I pretty much screwed up, but that's okay we'll try again. On the bright side the Eurasian Eagle Owl turned out okay.

6.) is laughter/humor. I know I tend to draw a a lot of "stern" pictures of Athena, but on a side note I could always picture her in a "bubbly mood" say after Dionysus either says or preforms a stupid act for attention after having one too many wines or if Dionysus just trying to be the center of the party. It's safe to say that this is "one" of my favorite expressions.

7.) is an excellent representation of Athena being surprised or caught off guard from the side, a classic example of "never turn your back on anything." Fundamentally this could also represent fear instilled the eyes of a goddess who is always portrayed to be fearless, a rare expression. However I imagine this expression could have been on Athena's face when Hepaticas jumped her from behind and tried rape Athena catching her off guard. Thankfully he was unsuccessful but that's on another side note. Anywho, this expression/gesture/half body pose is my absolute favorite on this entire character sheet.

As always Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, and Boston have been my inspirational soundtrack throughout the entire duration of this piece. I'll be looking forward to drawing up another one of these sheets in the near future, who knows I might even make up a couple of quick comic strips involving Athena little bit further down the line.

Well that's everything.

© 2014 By: Deorse (Steve Waller)
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