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Athens and Sparta Adventures

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Yeeess that first line was an actual Spartan quote reported to have been said by Dienekes (I can't remember if it was Leonidas in 300 who said it, but if it was, come on, he can't have all the good lines. Granted, he did have some pretty awesome ones of his own!)
...I have no idea what Dienekes looks like so I just made him a generic Spartan. XD
I have another problem in that I have no idea what Mardonius looks like either, and he plays kind of a major role in the next chapter. :/ I guess he's older than Xerxes though.

Sparta's version of democracy is shouting really loudly and hoping your voice gets heard. Sparta is ruled by two kings from different families- each family descending from one of Heracles' sons. XD The decision making body is a council of ephors- retired men over 60, and no they are probably not as creepy as they were portrayed to be in 300. XD Seriously I was like wtf are these zombies I just expected a bunch of old battle-scarred dudes hanging out talking about the good old days when children had their guts eaten out by foxes or something.

Athens... well, I don't think it's quite a hatred for Thebes, but for some reason he gets more condescending than usual when he's around Thebes. (With Sparta it's an "How you put up with that lifestyle is quite astonishing, almost admirable!" condescension, and with Thebes it's like "HAHAHAHA THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO MAYBE IF YOU THOUGHT MORE ABOUT BEAUTY THAN EATING YOU COULD REALLY ACHIEVE SOMETHING WITH THIS CRAPPY POTTERY")
I always think of Thebes as the Saskatchewan of Ancient Greece. He's got a farmer/labourer lifestyle and he makes a lot of yummy food, and the rest of the Greeks don't really think he's capable of anything really spectacular. But he's a lot smarter than he looks. He's had a very sad childhood too, if you look at his mythology...

Thebes is the head of what's called the Boeotian Confederacy, but most of the members didn't really want to be there in the first place. XD But that's okay, I doubt Sparta's neighbours joined the Peloponnesian League because he was nice to them, and... I can't figure out how Athens has any allies at all- *shot*

Thebes does play an interesting role in this battle though. o3o Stay tuned.
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