Parthenos: Daughters of Zeus Picture

If I were create a series of books/web comics/graphic novels/movie(s)/or video game based around the mythological beings from Greek mythology, I think I'd name that series "Parthenos". In reality it would be based mostly around particular goddess *cough-cough Athena!* but I'd definitely try include the other gods/goddesses in the series.

This is was a super long ass piece of artwork that only Zeus knows how long it took me to complete. I started sketching it up back in January, I finished the line art back in March, and I just finished coloring everything last night. This piece had its challenges, such as the paper trying to disintegrate as I was coloring and just keeping myself motivated to get this piece finally finished. Eh, all in it came out pretty good.

This whole piece pretty much screams badass. The badass readings off the charts, as
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