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Goddesses Mythical or Imagined ChallengeGreetings Castle Folk...
Our new challenge is to create an image of a goddess. She can be from the mythos of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and other cultures as well. ALSO, you can have the freedom to CREATE your own goddess. How's THAT for a fun game, huh? :iconsnoopydanceplz: I did a "hard copy" game like this many years ago, and it was fraught with creative expressions of varying goddesses. Here are specs:
Include our group icon in your description as well as giving proper c
Challenge Winners at the CastleHello Friends...
Here are the winners of the "Goddesses" challenge AND a peek at the upcoming one. Awarded 100 points donated by :iconreddawgi: Exclus
Winners and NEW Challenge!Greetings Castle Folk...
This journal is doing double duty, to both announce the winners of the "Goddesses Both Mythical and Imagined" AND to announce our next challenge "The Seven Deadly Sins"  (because this journal is fairly long, details for the new challenge are in the next journal-stay tuned)
First let me say how pleased I am that so many entries were submitted. As I sought to select winning entries I found myself vexed as ALL of the entries were outstanding! So, given that it's my prerogative to award all- each participant is receiving points. The "winners" defined themselves because not only were there works outstanding, but the descriptions of the goddess rendered were informative and complete. On another note, for those non English speaking players-a translation included in your description is much appreciated. Well done everyone! So here we go:
Awarded 100 points donated by :iconreddawgi: Exclusives stock, Features and llama from :iconthestockwarehouse:
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