Apollo's Sanctuary App, Vanity Waver Picture

Name: Vanity Waver

Age: Looks about 18 (true age is 158 years)

Gender: Female

Height: 4’ 5’’

Sexual Orientation: Strait

About Me: Well She is told that I can be a bit shy and not talk much, but she doesn’t think that. When it comes to my mood she always feels happy and adventuress, She love exploring. Oh and sometimes She can just get off topic and kind of waver to a different subject (forgive her when she does this she never means to).

Bio: She was born on an island off Greece and Turkey, near Athens. She never really knew her parents well. They had left her on the island when she was young, but they would come to visit every now and again. She was put on that island at a young age and was to defend myself; it's a small tradition in her blood line to let the children at a certain age fend for themselves. It was not hard living on her own, It was actually quite natural. Of course, she had to deal with something that she could not control like the sun always being so hot; She tends to dry out easy. So living on an island again is not so bad, it feels like home.

Impotent/Extra Facts:
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