Monster Girl Challenge - Spider Girl Picture

Day 6 and we're here with a spider girl!

As terrified as I am of spiders, I do like drawing eight legged things so. I won’t even lie, I was pretty nervous just having to look at references of the damned thing.

I know it's shitty, but I hate spiders. Spiders will not get a good drawing from me.

Monster Facts: Spiders in Greek mythology are believed to have come from a contest between the goddess Athene (Athena for those less knowledgeable) and a girl named Arachne, who claimed to be a better weaver than Athene. The two chose to settle this with a weaving contest, Athene weaving the story of the city of Athens being named after her, Arachne weaving many stories of infidelity among the gods and other behaviors like this. Athene grew enraged and Arachne knew this would only end in her death. In desperation, the girl hung herself, Athene turned her into a spider as punishment, and her descendants lived on to weave throughout history.
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