Starry Night Betrayal Picture

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Prompt: Prettier than you.

She screamed. Hurtling down from the starry heavens, the roan mare thrashed her legs, hooves clawing desperately at the starry sky in a vain attempt to pull herself back up to her home. What had she done to deserve this fate? Why was she banished from her beloved home, by a stupid and jealous god who was angry with his own Cavitto for abandoning himself and taking up with another Cavitto. She had nothing to do with the other's choices! He had no right to do this to her!

The mare barely felt the sting as she crashed through a galaxy, purple dust billowing around her as her fur caught the stars and clung to them tightly. She was far too focused on the last moment spent in her beloved home before being thrown down. The moment she caught sight of her mistress standing behind her accuser and doing nothing to protest! Her loyalty meaning nothing to her beloved mistress, the formerly great and beautiful Athena, self declared protector of horses. Not a word spoken, or a gesture made to show that the goddess even cared that she was being sent away! She gave another scream of anger and betrayal, calling out her mistress' name before her body finally reached earth, crashing through a canopy of trees and landing onto the ground below with enough force to black out.

It was well past sunset when the mare awoke with a groan. Her head was spinning and her limbs were weak, but her anger still burned. Shoving her feet underneath her body, the roan pushed herself up, feeling like a newborn foal as she took a few steps forward to survey the place where she had been dumped. Her pale eyes took in the grove she landed in, snorting in derision as she noticed they were olive trees. A taunt of what was. Well, she wouldn't let them control her any longer. Turning her back, the mare steadily walked towards the glimmering dark waters down the hill, confused as to why she was able to see so well around herself. The moon was full, but that didn't explain the slight shimmer lighting her path. It wasn't until the shallow edge of the lake that she realised what it was.

She was the one glowing. Turning her body from side to side, the starry mare admired her new plumage with hesitation at first, but became more enamoured with the glow and gleam of the stars on her body. She was stunning, even more so then she had been before. Preening for a few moments more, she didn't notice another approaching her slowly. It wasn't until he gave a low cough that she even looked up with a start, stepping back a few steps as she took the other's form in silently. Tall and dark, but he sported the same plumage she did, only his glowed a light blue. Rather masculine looking actually, but as she glanced back into the water, she had to say that she was much prettier. Which was the first thing she said to him.

"I'm prettier then you."

Blinking in surprise, the stallion looked at her for a moment before glancing back at his own pelt. "I suppose you could say that." He began slowly. "But then again, you are female. The term prettier is generally used for females isn't it?" He cocked his head slightly as he pondered it, his head still slightly light from the fall he had taken. "I could say that I am handsomer than you, and be just as right." He looked pleased with himself for countering her rather conceited jab.

"Hm. Perhaps so." The mare conceded with a toss of her silver mane. She paused an gave him another searching look before stepping around him carefully. "You are one of us, are you not? Betrayed by your master or mistress to be given over to Zeus to be tried and persecuted unjustly?" She spat his name with hatred, her anger seething up once more as she half reared.

The dark stallion was startled at her words, his bright blue eyes opened wide. "The woman cares for me! She made me feel safe and secure when I saw her... She is what I desire..." He finished quietly.

The roan gave a low snort of disgust and shoved past the stallion. "Enjoy your deluded dream stallion. For it is nothing but an empty vision. They do not want us, nor do they care for us. You will waste your time pining for a ghost." She flicked her tail in his face before trotting off, following the shoreline as a guide.

"Wait!" He called after her, slightly hurt at her decisive tone, but wishing to spend more time with someone who apparently knew what had happened to them. "What is your name?"

"It was Athene." Came the reply, softly as the mare continued on the way, without even a glance back. "But now I shall be known as Prophodia."

*wipes brow*whew... This was fun to do.^^ The background is simpler then I imagined, but it keeps the focus on them,which is what I wanted. I tried so hard not to look at these horses, but I blame Cheddarbug
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