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Ares- God of the din of the battle and destructive, fierce war.
He was a son Zeus and Hera. He had no special abilities, therefore parents hand over he back for the education for one of titans. His minder alone knew nothing and he trained the young God only in physical exercises. Therefore Ares thought, that most wonderful of jobs is a war. When Ares became adult, he ordered in the Hephaestus smithy plenty of swords, shields and the spear, then he went down to the ground and he taught people, which weren't able to fight, of the art of war. He also caused, that people had started producing the weapon, and since then the war acquire the appropriate significance. Earlier conflicts ended with a few bruises and tubers.
Ares taught people being cruel.
Ares loved the war "dirty", unfair. He was an opposite Athene - patrons of just fight. During the battle Ares murdered warriors both of belligerents. A Trojan War is the best example
Ares took the participation in all human wars, traveling by chariot, harnessed into two fiery steeds. He savored shouts of murdered victims and with smoke from burnt cities. They were talking in ancient Greece, that: "where Ares went; only the burnt soil is staying”.

The cult of Ares in Ancient Greece was very rare. For him large temples weren't being built. Only a few small chapels existed in his honor. But in ancient Rome, the cult of the God of the war was already common.
In the Roman mythology, Ares was named Mars and was worshipped in the Rome far more, than in Ancient Greece. Before every battle, the commander called: "Mars, be on the alert!".
Roman consecrated a lot of temples and different places of cult, to the Mars, and most famous from them it is Campus Martius.

The art is showing Ares as the strong, young man - naked and without the chin. From preserved statues Ares Ludovisi is most beautiful.

The Ares-Mars is symbolizing the archetype of primitive, uncontrollable power, the vitality, the bravado, the cruelty, and destroying fire.
The Mars is also symbolizing the man, actually brutal and cruel side of the male personality which in our times we would call the "overproduction of testosterone"

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