Our Unfortunate Destinies Picture

"We have created bonds which we may never break, no matter how much we 'd wish or try. We are like spring and winter: perfect opposites attracted to one anoter in an endless dance until the breaking of the world."

~Aquarius Camus to Aries Mu; Hell Is But A Passage ~

Aquarius Camus and the godess of Seasons Persephone in her final design. Oh dear, I feel like dying every time I see my older stuff now TT_TT.

Now a bit more about this composition. I decided to have Persephone carry a sheperd's stick, as I found it more fitting for a goddess of nature/seasons. Each plant set on her rod represents a different season: lilies of the valley for spring (muguet in French), weat for summer, an olive branch for automn/ fall , and holly for winter. Te olive branch is also here as a reminder of Persepone and Athena's relationship (IE in my own view on mythology
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