Athena and Arachne Picture

Athena (or Athene) the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. And the woman who challenged her...

The Weaving Contest

"Princess Arachne was a skilled weaver. She even boasted that she was better than Athena so the goddess challeged her to a contest. They both wove the most beautiful work they could. When they had finished, Athena was infuriated to find that Arachne's really was equal to hers, and in a jealous rage she tore the girl's weaving up. Arachne was so frightened that she tired to hang herself. Athena was then ashamed and saved Arachne from death by turning her in to a spider. Ever since then spiders have woven beautiful webs."

Another large-scale collage from yours truly. That's an actual tiny rope and functional noose as well. If you look closely you might see it's shadow.
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