Ariadne and Dionysos Picture

A painting from couple of years back. Not thoroughly content with it, but since I'm desperately trying to learn to be less critical towards myself when it comes to painting, I continued this on Photo Shop.

Scenerie is from the tale of Ariadne, one of my favourite characters in ancient myths. She was abandoned at the shore of Naxos by Theseus after he had taken her from Crete to go with him. Little did the lady know that Theseus had a wife waiting at Athens. According the tale Theseus left the island of Naxos with his troops at night and left sleeping Ariadne there. When Ariadne woke up she found herself alone and cried herself to sleep. Dionysos found sleeping Ariadne from the shore and in the end Ariadne became a goddess and was raised to the skies. Ariadne's crown can still be found from the night sky (some say Arianhrod is celitic version of Ariadne, for they share lots of similar symbolism as a goddess).

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