A letter from Albus D. Picture

I watched the new Deathly Hallows film, and then read the book again. I realised I love Grindelwald a lot even if he doesn't really appear in the story and isn't really "nice". It makes him more interesting, I guess. That and his relation with Dumbledore, I would have loved to know more. I also liked how the trio discover it afterwards, when it's all over, it's like an archaeological search.

The scene is just Gellert receiving a letter from Albus while studying for his quest of the Hallows and power.
The owl at the window is Albus', an Athene owl (Athene noctua), or well it is supposed to be one. It was possibly the more difficult part. I wanted to find it (her) a name, but couldn't. Something mythological maybe, Athena maybe.
The window seemed less crooked on the paper... I've never been good at drawing background, I think this one is not that bad. It also shows that I need to buy new markers to have more hues. I hadn't use markers for a little while, I missed them ! ^^

Gellert (c) J.K. Rowling, goddess of mine since a decade and a year.
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