European Landscape Notecards Picture

September/October 2012
Ink and Watercolour
Project for School
Inspired by some of my photography I took while in Europe in the Summer of 2012.

First Column:
-Ruins of Herodes (Athens, Greece)
-View of Isola Bella (Sicily, Italy)
-Piazza Navona Buildings (Rome, Italy)

Second Column:
-The Walled City by the Sea (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
-The Coliseum (Rome, Italy)

This is a project I'm did for my visual arts classes at school. Every year, our arts magnet has a booth at a huge art festival in my area. Everyone in the art program makes note cards, or other art to sell at the festival. Last year I did Art Deco themed note cards. This year I decided to take my photography from Europe to use as inspiration.
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