Apollo-Classic Picture


From the beginning of time immortal there were the Aesir, more commonly referred to as the Gods, and they existed on the Earth and throughout the universe. Those "Gods" were eventually corrupted by their own ambitious nature, and were struck down into oblivion by the great Angelic horde unleashed by the one true Almighty.

So it was that the Gods of Olympus too perished in this final battle as the Earth was washed clean of their influences, and eventually their deeds cleansed from the lands.. or so many believed.

In truth some of those Aesir managed to seek refuge in alternate realities, and remain unable to manifest in this reality forever forbidden by the "One". Yet some of the children of the Gods are able to bend that rule. Take for example the Mighty Thundara daughter of Thor. She is able to traverse the Barriers that separate the universes of Gods and Men. This is because Thundara is also part Valkyrie, which is a form of Angel, and thus her body is powerful enough to manifest..

Some Gods were not so lucky. inti the Inca Sun God was disbursed to the sun forever banished to exist as pure formless energy, held by the tremendous gravity well of that star. Poseidon was cast into an icy prison at the center of the Planet Neptune, forever to remain out of reach and influence (or so they believed). Many Items of power remain on the earth, some are direct links to the Gods and their Piety. The Ring of Might, forged by the ancient alchemist Aljin Zabar!

the original Samson got the ring of Might which was made from the Golden Fleece, and Item of great power that Heracles obtained..Aljin Zabar the great alchemist forged the ring for Heracles himself, in doing so, the ring was given the ability to imbue itself with the strength and power of Heracles and any other magical being who wore the ring.. thus the ring itself would imbue the wearer with those powers if they uttered the magic words "Klaatu, Verada, Nicto!" but before Aljin Zabar could secure the ring, he was imprisoned in stone by the Wizard Magadron, known today as Madrok the magician.. (also once called Merlin). This ring exists today in the hands of Scott Wyndham, a member of the Agenda, a government super hero team that battles all manner of destructive entities.

It is to this end we come to the Great and Mighty Apollo! th Greek God Apollo was not able to escape the wrath of the heavens, and so he decided to conceal his power and his essence in small pieces of armor, thus becoming immortal and able to once again walk the earth as a God in human form.

Harold Spence was a 22 year old student at the university of Seattle. He was on a university assignment to study Greek artifacts at their museum of antiquity in Athens. Once in there, Harold discovered an unlocked door which led to a private basement room underneath the museum's main show hall. There Harold discovered many wondrous artifacts and collections of items that were devoted to the varying Greek Gods and Goddesses of the past.

Harold found what looked like an old Golden ring with spikes, a halo of sorts.. it began to glow suddenly.. and a voice entered Harold's Head..

"Harold! You are the chosen one, your mind and body are pure, and you and I must become one! Prepare yourself Mortal, for we shall be reborn!" With that, Harold's body began to levitate, and his eyes glow with intense bright light! his mind and body merged with that of the God Apollo, and thus became a super being!

Harold and the God Apollo now existed as one being, a new life. Calling himself Apollo, Harold discovered he had the ability to control solar energy and forge it into bolts of light. These bolts could be used with a special Bow which existed once when the original Apollo walked the Earth.

Apollo sports his magic Halo which allows him to speak to his trapped Aesir Brothers..the Halo also acts as a source of power and converts the solar energy into usable weaponry that Apollo can wield with the aid of his special Bow. The Wings that float along with the Halo give Apollo a lighter then air quality allowing him to float and fly small distances..the wings of Hermes are attached to his feet which also give him great speeds when running on the ground.

Apollo discovered the Agenda while doing battle at the base of mount Olympus fighting one-eyed demons to gain his Sun-Bow. There he was persuaded by Samson to join their ranks in defeating evil for the glory of winning favor with the Almighty. Apollo agreed, on one stipulation, that when it no longer amused him, he would leave and do his own thing..

Apollo's motivations are not yet known, and no one can predict whether he will remain an asset or a liability to the Agenda. Only time will tell if he will become a valued and trusted member of the group, an uncertainty that weighs heavy on the mind of Major Battalion and the heads of the Government Black Ops.
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