Athena of Wisdom Picture

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NOTE : I don't refer them as gods & goddesses, they seemed more like a powerful royal family of the Greeks,
(marrying within the family to keep the power and blood pure is just like the royals of today)
Im quite fascinated with Greek mythologies, there really interesting with their stories and the Olympians as I like to refer them as, had more human traits & personalities, hence why they'll have their royal titles then godly stature...

ATHENA - Princess of wisdom, Daughter of Zeus and Metis, Zeus's favourite child, almost referred as his pride and joy, she was the only one allowed to use his weapons including his thunderbolt. Her holy tree was the olive tree and she was often symbolised as an owl. after he swallowed her mother, fearing a child prophecy, Athena was born and rose from her father's head fully grown and armed, with a shout that pealed to the broad sky her clarion cry of war, described to have bright gleaming silvery grey eyes and dark ebony hair, also described as having a "harsh beauty". She won and had Athens named after her, she's princess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic war, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts and Warcraft.

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