Goddess Athena Picture


My favorite Goddess
The first picture from the cycle Mythology.

CS2,47 of layers, about 4 working hours.

Not commercial only, the link, credit, +fav
I am thanking *flaviacabral for giving one's person to the figure Athena’s.
The photograph is coming from the pack under the title Justice

I am also thanking:

*Peace-of-Art for the Athena’s helmet [link]

~shd-stock for the disc [link] which I used for the shield, as the base.

~Amor-Fati-Stock for the head of the Gorgon [link]

~Henda-Stock for the fragment of her photo, which is pretending the Grecian temple

and ~akinna-stock for the owl, the saint bird of Athens.
I'm sorry, I cannot paste the link. Instead of it for me a face is appearing with the tongue on the top! I don't know what's this???

I not have a clue whether the weapon well was selected to the epoch.
I don't know a lot about the arms

"I give my permission to
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