Pallas Athene- Godess of War+Wisdom (anime style) Picture

Athena is my favourite of Olympus. Ares would be my favourite god.

In anime style.

She is in hoplite armour.
She is also a statue, just to mention.
This picture took about 3days to do....mostly because i was only doing parts at a time, altogether it may have taken ~12hours (seemingly like a lot of my drawings).
This is the 3rd drawing (since I started people) that is not of an anime character (the other two are an OC and a cyclist).

The background was just made to be simple...mostly since I have little idea of how Greek areas really did look.

Copyright to Mount Olympus?

used a3 paper, lead pencil for a couple of lines and coloured pencils, a ruler and erasers.
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