Temple of Athena Nike Picture

The Acropolis of Athens, Greece.

The temple of Athena Nike stands at the southeast edge of the sacred rock atop a bastion, which in Mycenaean times protected the entrance (Propylaea) to the Acropolis. The Classical temple, designed by architect Kallikrates and built in 426-421 BC, succeeded earlier temples also dedicated to Athena Nike. The first one of these, a wooden temple was destroyed by the Persians in 480 BC.
Nike means "victory" in Greek, and Athena was worshiped in this form, as goddess of victory in war. The temple was an expression of Athens' ambition to be the leading city state in Greece and the Mediterranean. There the citizens worshipped the goddess in hope of a prosperous outcome in the long war fought on land and sea against the Spartans and their allies. Ancient writer Pausanias refers to this temple as that of the Apteros Nike (Wingless Victory) and mentions that the cult statue of the goddess had no wings so that she would never leave Athens.

Ο ναός της Αθηνάς Νίκης (ή Απτέρου Νίκης).

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