Artist Block sketch up: Greek Mythology Edition Picture


I was working on 3 other pieces, I kind of hit an "artist block" on all 3 them one by one, none of them are turning out right. The final last straw was when I was working on another Greek mythology related piece and nothing was going right no matter how hard I tried or how much effort I put into that piece, it was not salvageable. I got so pissed and gave up was about start on another piece of artwork different from what I was already working on, when I discovered that I had a blue sketch pencil sitting in my pencil tin, so I decided to dick around with it and started a bullshit sketch on a scratch piece of sketch paper, I was not being serious when I first started and before I knew it I sketched all of this literally in one night, to be honest with you this came out pretty good considering I didn't get any sleep.

This piece was pretty much based around my OC character design of the Greek goddess Athena and Nike was brought in for shits and giggles. I don't normally draw horses, I've got to say that's first time drawing anyone riding a horse. Yeah, I pretty much derped around with this whole thing. Forgive me for any of the inappropriate language, I feel that we are all adults on this website that's why I'm not putting up a mature content filter on this piece. Now if I do get enough complaints, I.E. more than two then I might go back edit a few things. My stance is that I do not cater to whiners. Please don't whine.

The artist block goes out to these fine deviants:
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