True Gate of Ra Picture

From the profile of Megumi Tenrai:

"As keeper of Regulus, and the Lance Master of the Valkyries, Megumi has been taught the single most powerful spell in the Divine Order’s arsenal, the True Gate of Ra. A combination of self writing magical air script to create a Gate Circle, and mentally controlled aiming combined with a medium length activation incantation, the True Gate of Ra is a frightening spell that links the gate with the heart of a galaxy. When the gate opens, the energized and pressurized contents on the other side find a hole for which gravity does not effect, and spills through, coming through this side as a magically focused fusion beam of unfathomable power. Depending on the aiming of the user, the True Gate of Ra can be anywhere from two meters wide, to twenty-five kilometers across. The high-density energy beam is a significant threat even to capital starships at long ranges. This is why it is risky to Challenge Megumi with anything less than an entire fleet."

The design of the True Gate of Ra is a fundamental spell circle with the idea that the center is a gate point between two locations.
The general shape is a focus on the semmetry of the shape, but with a design that draws the eyes to the center. Within the pattern are a number of smaller circles, each marked with a symbol. The outer symbols that wrap around the pattern reprisent each of the Six Air and Fire signs in Astrology. Which, reprisent the call for the 'heavens' (air) to unleash the purest, most powerful light. (fire)

Center mark, is the sign for the Sun... making it obvious that the center of the gate, where the destructive light pours forth, would be reprisented by the symbol for the sun... and light.

The Concept for the Gate of Ra of course, is a mixture of seeing and duplicating a style, and some new approaches to the style. In this case, the Gate of Ra bases of the Egyption worship of Ra, the Sun God. Now, if you want to say, unleash the power of the sun. (And I don't mean Sunny D...) what would be a more fitting name then a gateway to the heart of a star? GATE OF RA. The 'TRUE' Gate of Ra is actually the same spell, but is considered to be the Big version of the Gate of Ra spell, packing a much nastier wallop... as if the regular Gate of Ra spell was a mere copycat made for more average manipulators.

The entire idea springs from the concept of using all of religion and mythology as potential sources of events or stories. In this case, the events of Mythology, every regularly practiced religion... all of it. Bits and pieces are TRUE. In other words, the background for the story in which gate of Ra and other related work rests is that All Religions and Mythology have true, actual roots, but when you apply thousands of years of storytelling and loss of records... what you end up with is a fractured collection of tails with completely made up details.

As a minor example to follow.

In the history, we have the Hindu diety, Shiva. Thought of as a bringer of the end or destroyer of the world. Let's take this and apply a twist. Let's apply for the story, that 'Shiva' and the tale of dustruction fortold, is not 'Shiva the Destroyer'... but an actual person. A one Admiral Shilva, naval fleet commander who was well known for her brutal orbital bombardment practice in a massive interstellar war that would reduce worlds to ruin.

Admiral Shilva's reputation, even her NAME, was corrupted over the millenia to become the tale of a diety that would destroy the world.

Now, don't just apply this to one religion ...

Apply this across the board. You have persons, places, and things.

The Beautiful world of H'Van...

Or the once lush world of Hiel, reduced to a smoldering semi-molten ruin of its former self unfit for life after a gigantic space and ground battle... ending with total planetary glassing.
Which, ever since, any such description of blasted, slagged-out semi-molten place or event describes it after the planet. "A Hielish Place" if you ask me.

Mix and match, and watch all 'Hiel' break loose.
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