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the first part of my entry for SMOCT3!
i made a sad little entry for the first SMOCT back in 2010, but i didn't have the motivation then to even finish the i'm a bit older and more determined. (and also pretty proud of myself for sticking with this)

First Name: Amatsu
Last Name: Hoshi
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human/goddess
Info/Description: The Muses in Greek mythology were goddesses from which inspiration was incited, and were believed to be the holders of knowledge far beyond that of humans. They were semi-immortal, only being able to die if killed by another god or goddess, and each ruled over their respective field; Astrology, comedy, tragedy, music, history, poetry (epic, love, and hymn) dance.
History: Amatsu was reborn in Tokyo from ancient Greece, where she was the goddess Muse of Astrology, Urania. Urania was the leader, and the most powerful, of the Nine Muses, only five of which were reborn. She was connected to destiny in a way that the others weren't, and had the ability to predict future events by simply fixing her gaze at the night sky and reading the arrangement of the stars. The purpose of the Muses on Earth was to incite creativity and spread knowledge. For reasons they have yet to find out, their physical forms were destroyed by an unknown enemy at an unknown date - after they found out they were senshi, they also discovered a huge gap in the memory of their past lives. Amatsu was reborn, presumably a couple thousand years later, into '90s Tokyo. She grew up with Migoto Ongaku, her best friend and the Muse of Melody, Sailor Music. They, along with schoolmates Seion Odori (Sailor Dancer) and Keikai Dengon (Sailor Poetry), were only 14 when Kerberos (their dog guardian) found them and unveiled their true identities. Kodomo Chuuko (Sailor History) was 16, and had been fighting solo since Kerberos had appeared to her two years prior. Amatsu resumed her role as leader of the group, and they began their long battle to fight evil and injustice.
Age: 15
Birthday: June 19th (Gemini)
Alignment: Good
Eye Color: Navy blue
Skin Tone/Shade: Olive-tan
Height: 5'1" (155 cm)
Occupation: High school student
Personality: Amatsu is always the diplomat, the one who tries to diffuse tense situations wherever they pop up. Ever since she was little, she's always attempted to see both sides on an argument; but she is often insecure in her ability to perform as a senshi and a Muse, since traditionally Urania is very methodical and philosophical, and Amatsu is only a peacekeeper for others. She tries to keep up the facade that she accepts change easily, while actually, she's quite deep-rooted in her beliefs. Amatsu doesn't fully accept her fate to be sealed in the stars - the idea actually makes her quite uncomfortable and helpless - and she feels that because of that, she's inadequate to take on the responsibilities of Sailor Astrology. Despite her insecurities, she knows, overall, that as long as there are innocent people to protect, it's selfish to flee from those duties.
Likes: Horoscopes, huge open fields, stargazing, running around
Dislikes: Tight spaces, overheating, her perpetually-scraped knees (the downside of running around)
Hobby/Hobbies: Reading, thrifting, debating
Other Information: Amatsu currently has no idea what her wish would be.

Name: Sailor Astrology
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Home Planet: Earth (Ancient Greece)
Racial Advantages: Runs a few degrees cooler than the average human (this applies to all her forms, though)
Transformation Item: Astrological Compass
Transformation Phrase: "Astrology Muse Power, Make Up!"
Transformation Sequence Description: After shouting her transformation phrase, a curtain of shimmering fabric flies from the compass in her outstretched hands, then envelopes her. (Only the silhouette of her body is seen inside.) It splits open to reveal her fuku, and a flowing cape trailing behind her.
Alter Egos: Urania
Guardian Of: Astrology
Abilities: Can hover up to 4 feet (she's not particularly agile while hovering, so she tends not to)
Attacks: Celestial Disorientation, Star of Clarity, Heavenly Foresight, Astralis Cloak, Light of Olympia
Weakness: Tight spaces (claustrophobic), heat, her own self-righteousness
Personality: Sailor Astrology is slightly more methodical and wiser than her human counterpart. Even so, when she gets caught in the thick of battle, she becomes absolutely determined to win. In the process, she, admittedly, gets a bit self-righteous. She's quick-thinking, and has a certain inner calmness that Amatsu lacks by herself. It takes some amount of prodding for an opponent to break that, but it's been done.

sailor moon © naoko takeuchi

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