XVII - The Star - Persona Picture

Persona: Undine
"Undine ( also called Ondine) is a Creature being associated with water wich appears as beautyful women or as a mermaid.
In germanic/nordic mythologie Undine appears as a good and kind spirit singing for the fisherman to lure fishes swimming right into the fisherwebs and guarantee a well success to the fisherman.
Also the Undine was born without a soul and she need to marry a human men to gain a soul but punish them with death if they'll be deceive her"

Stats/ Abillities:
Slash- XX / Strike- XX / Pierce- XX / Fire- WK / Ice- DRN / Electricity- XX / Wind- XX / Light- STR /Dark- XX
Bufudyne, Mabufudyne, Megidola, Diarahan, Mediarama, Samarecarm, Tetrakarn, Spitit Drain

Arcana: The Star
"Personas of the Star Arcana commonly excel in Wind or Ice element attacks. They're are sometimes astrological figures, but many Star Personas are simply multi-talented figures, or deities with many different spheres of influence.
Individuals associated with
the Star Arcana embody their arcana's traits of hopefulness and joy."

Tarot: General Meaning
"This card is a definite good omen. You are probably already inclined to be thinking positively. this is a time to do so specifically.
What are the changes that you would like to make or see in your life? Make a list. You can accomplish nearly anything that you set out to do now. Think big."

Zodiac: Aquarius

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