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Im Sternbild Jungfrau stellt Spica die Kornähre in der Hand der Jungfrau dar.
In Mesopotamien war Spica unter dšala šubultu (Gott/Göttin Schala, die Kornähre), später auch Göttliche Jungfrau der Kornähre, bekannt.
Die Römer glaubten, in Spica die Göttin Ceres zu sehen.
Römische Namen sind Spicum, Spigha, Stachys (von gr. stakhum Kornähre) und Aristae Puella (Kornmädchen).

The name Spica derives from Latin spīca virginis "Virgo's ear of grain" (usually wheat).
In Chinese astronomy, the star is known as Jiao Xiu 1 (角宿一) in Jiao Xiu, one of the Chinese constellations.
In Hindu astronomy, Spica corresponds to the Nakshatra Chitra.
The 17th century German astronomer Bayer and others referred to the star as Arista.
In medieval astrology, it was a Behenian fixed star, associated with the emerald and sage.
In his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Cornelius Agrippa attributes its kabbalistic symbol to Hermes Trismegistus.

Model is Candace Nirvana / Photographer Marcus J. Ranum mjranum.deviantart.com/

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