Beelzebub Picture

Like hungry flies,
Like swarming flies alight,
Melt, become fluid
Dripping like syrup.
Can you drink when fluid?

Inebriate with senses,
Or just illusions of senses.

[ Swarm – Tactile Gemma ]

Archduke Beelzebub is one of the highest-ranking Demons of Hell and undoubtedly one of the most fearful. He is the Demon of Gluttony, thus one of the Seven Satans as the Lord of Flies, as well as an Elemental and Astral Demon. Formerly the Second-in-Command of Seraphim under Duchess Astarte’s leadership, after his Fall he retained his mastership of Element Earth in all of its forms, and that of the astrological influence of Planet Pluto. He’s the Leader of the Order of the Great Fly, an honorary order which includes most of the Upper Demons whose elemental powers rely on Earth, as well as other important Courtiers: Marquis Adramelech, Prince Abaddon, Duke Azazel, Marquis Nergal, Duke Xaphan, Marquise Decarabia, Countess Jezebeth and, secretly, Prince Absinthion.
Among all Demons, Archduke Beelzebub is definitely the most loyal to Emperor Lucifer even since before the Fall. He was one of the first three angels to be cast out of Heaven in the aftermath of the Great Heavenly War, following His Majesty and preceding Marquis Leviathan. Out of the Seven Satans, he’s the only one to gladly indulge his own Sin without being overwhelmed by it, and thus de facto leads the First Level despite Queen Barbelo being the actual Leader. He sometimes clashes with fellow Satans, such as Duke Astaroth, Duke ?????? and Count Asmodeus, due to their tendency to overindulge in their sins and neglect the Court rules, but all in all they share a good comradeship. Speaking of the Satans, he’s the only one to almost get along with Count Mammon, being quiet enough for the latter to handle. Despite being rarely befriended, he’s well respected by the whole Court and is usually the one to open the banquets open the banquets during the mundane celebrations. He also runs most of the pragmatic aspects of Hell, such as collecting reports from the Leaders of the lower Demonic Levels, assisting Marquis Nergal and Duke Azazel with their duties respectively as Chief of Hell’s Secret Police and Deputy General of the Infernal Army, and in particular ensuring that no one lacks respect to the authorities. As the most trusted advisor of His Majesty, he has the best understanding of his ways and is likely the Demon who bears the greatest grudge against Yahweh and Heaven beside the Emperor himself.

After some time, here is another work from the Infernal Lords project. Raise you hand if you haven't ever heard of Beelzebub. Anyway, I really recommend that you read Beelzebub: Development and Symbolism on my blog, so that you'll find out why his wings are marked with skulls or why he's holding a pomegranate.

Photo, concept, manipulation, styling, make up, frame design: Me
Model, hair: Arrigo Bettella
Additional resources: amptone-stock (textures), evilneil (wings), (skull)
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