In the Clouds Picture

Full-illustration commission for numbuh0051, of Kyoya (from Ouran HS) as the Greek god of darkness and their oc Aurora as the goddess of the sunrise!
(I don't usually draw canon x oc pairings, but this was a commission from before I put that on my terms of service so this is an exception//)

I LOVED doing the BG on this, I haven't done painty sunset skies in ages (last time was like.... 2014 or something) and I'm happy to see that my skills haven't rusted over ehehe //v\\ The pose is still a little iffy, but I did my best :'D
Drawing Greek mythology-inspired clothes was a big blast from the past, because I used to draw a lot of ancient greek style robes for my OCs since the Tasked Angel story used to revolve around astrological signs/greek deities...! but then Homestuck came around and I had to ditch the 12 constellations idea AHAHA not that it was that original to begin with anyway --
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