Spyro- Doodles galore Picture

This is what I do when I'm bored (and jobless).

A bit of explaination for this is in order so...

1. Let me introduce my two OCs (original characters for those about to ask) Lava and Ash. Lava is the white and sea green dragon who is obviously flirting with the purple/pink wonder. Ash is the blue dragon standing in his hind legs.

2. Another OC of mine is the Dryad (tree nymph) Pamela. She'll show up much later in my story Mythology. And yes, I did confuse Dryad with Druid, how I did even I don't know.

3. I took the artistic liberty of redesigning Emebr and Flame to fit into my story... Although Flame (red dragon) turned out to look a bit like Ignitus. But I am satisfied with hoe Ember came out.

4. Metal/viking dwarves for the win!! (yeah, I went there)

5. Again, I decided to redesign Zoe, my favorite bit about this are her shoes.

6. Cynder-bot demands more fans to drool at her "prefection" and "bad assery."

well that's all I have to say, now enjoy.

Spyro and cast- Universal
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