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Name: Erebus Argyris
Meaning: Nether,Darkness, argyris means silver
Origin: Ancient Greek
Age: unknown presumable 16 at least he aprears that way
Birthday: July 19th
Gender: male
Type: Human, olympian mix
Mother: Demeter
Father: Stephano Argyris
Half sibs: Alexis, Joshua, Persephone,Despoina,Arion,Plutus,Philomelus,Eubuleus,Chrysothemis,Amphitheis,Dmia < all but two are from his mum Demeter^^ Yay Greek mythology.

SO, : Straight
GF: no

Any powers: yes
What are they: enhanced strength, agility and endurance. Telekenisis

Likes: Drawing, art, pranking, horses, his dog, his sibs Joshua and Alexis, his mom.
Dislikes: Getting harrassed because of his name, some of his olympian sibs who pick on him

Personality: Erebus is the exact opposite of his name, He kind and light hearted, optimistic and generous. But whenever one of his sibs from Demeter come by his disposition changes dramatically. He becomes more rebellious and loud, a prankster and a theif.

History: Erebus was concived by the godess of harvest Demeter. Demeter had fallen in love with a Half greek man by the name of Stephano. Stephano never got married to Demeter, she was needed in olympia. She stayed with Stephano through her pregnancy and once she gave birth to him she felt weight in her heart, for what reason she did not know. But she named her newborn son Erebus, Which ment Nether and Darkness. ( for those of you wondering, Yes Stephano knew who she was and that she was an Olympian.)
Demeter Stayed with Stephano and Erebus till his 13th birthday. At which he was introduced to the rest of his half sibilings, And Erebus being himself had a hell of a time pronouncing their names ( he ended up giving them nicknames) His Halfsisters Perse, Dessi, Ari, and Chryssie. His half brothers Plutus, Phil, Ubbie,and Amphi.

Sometime while Demeter was in Olympus Stephano's real wife, Erica had 2 kids. Twins Named Alexis and Joshua. they were born when Erebus was around 7. On his 14th birthday Demeter suprised her son telling him that he'd be seeing his half sibs in his new school. Lets just say Erebus was Mortified.
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