The Next Generation Picture

Matt was happy to pause as he walked to the barn to get Temp, after working Unassailable. The two foals were adorable, Matt was glad Shelby finally decided to breed Posiedon to a thoroughbred mare- Fanfare Farm didn't have any thoroughbred racing-prospects by the great Posiedon, and Matt had been nervous that the aging stallion would pass on before they ever did.
Arion looked a lot like his father, strong muscles and intelligent eyes- and a lot like his mother, who added gorgeous sabino markings to his otherwise rather plain bay coat. Arion was a bit of a bully to his buddy, but she didn't know any better, and was more than tough enough to handle it. Arion really did like her, he was just rather rough about expressing that love.
The filly, on the other hand, was a real looker. She featured an unique sabino mark on her neck and the classic sabino marks on her belly, just like Arion. However, no name seemed to fit for her. It bothered Matt when he didn't have a name to call a horse- it seemed, wrong somehow. He hoped they could think up a name for the pretty thing soon...

Finally I got around to doing the long-awaited foals, sorry it took so long ~StarGirl09!

(the name of one of Poseidon's sons in Greek mythology, born a horse)
Gender: Colt
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color:bay sabino
Markings:sabino marks, sock, spot on chin
Genotypes: Ee/Aa/nSb
Sire: Posiedon
Dam:Dawn of the Swan
Future Career:flat racing

Name: Callidora (thanks ~Alkaryco)
Color:chestnut sabino
Markings:sabino markings
Sire:Deadly Temptation
Dam:Alex's Duckling
Future Career:flat racing
Please comment your ideas on what I should name the filly! I'll credit you for the name
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