Sailor Constellation V3 Picture

Third TRY

Thank you for the help Sailor Constellations, I learn now I have a long way to go, but this has definitely been a big step.

Age: 16

Personality: Generally a good natured person, he's flirty and gregarious, making friends with anyone. Smart, yet an absolute air head, he tends to forget a lot. His shining point is his absolute and unshakable loyalty to his comrades. He is willing to go out of his way to the extent of death to insure the vitality of his friends
He doesn't tend to hold much conviction in his opinions, often resorting to a follower's role rather than leading.
He's also a tad naive and a flitty person, keeping him one place for long will tend to get him fidgety

How to Open the Gates: Sing Arion's (the musician Sailor Delphinus is named after) Dirge and dive into the ocean while wearing the Nereids. Then dolphins appear then to lead you to and through the gates

1.) Amphitrite's Call: (Assist) Arion's voice summons the spirits of the Nereids who heal nearby allies of most physical wounds and ailments.

2.) Poseidon's Protection: (Defense) Arion sings, and as he sings, water spews out around him, defending himself and his allies from all incoming attacks

3.) Job's Coffin: (Assist/Offense) Arion summons a large cage of water that ensnares the enemy. It does no damage but it gives enough time for him to sing another song to support his friends at arms

Mythology behind this all:

Arion was the name of a poet/musician that was supposedly saved by the dolphins who were entranced by Arion's song. So in turn, I had my Arion be a singer as well, using his voice as a weapon

His personality is based off a dolphin's and the Pisces horoscope

His weapon is his voice, he's actually able to use echo location in the dark using his voice. It is only when he is wearing the Nereid stone is he able to control water with his songs

His Gate is based off when Arion jumped off a boat to avoid greedy sailors who wanted his treasure, he sung a dirge which called Dolphins to the boat who carried him to shore.

Amphitrite's Call: Poseidon courted Amphitrite, she ran away because she didn't like the way he kept advancing onto her. So Poseidon sent suitors to go find her. she was stumbled upon by a dolphin, whose soothing personality was able to bring her back. So I guess I kinda wanted to go with that

Poseidon's Protection: Dolphins swim in water, the water is their home and fortress, and Poseidon loved dolphins because they were his most loyal subjects

Job's Coffin: Another name for Delphinus the constellation. Probably named after the whale that Job from the bible was eaten by. I thought it would make a good assist/offense attack

Weaknesses: Though he is rather fast, and his control over water provides him with a solid defense, he has no strong forms for attacking. He is mainly in battle to be an assist/support character. If he is found alone, he will run away or call for help. Worse he can do to damage someone is a blast of water, but only strong enough to create space between him and the enemy. Or, if you stop his voice, if he loses it, then he is completely useless in battle
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