Don't Leave Me! Picture

The morning was overcast with cloud as Proteus awoke. He may have been the son of the queen of Crete, but due to his father being the bull of the sea god Poseidon he was raised as a slave. Since his step-father, King Minos scares him and his step-sister, Princess Ariadne ignores him; the only person he had ever looked up to was his mother, Queen Phasiphae. She was the only one who believed in him, who told Proteus to never be afraid. But today his mother and step-father were discussing about him when he was bringing in their breakfast. "He's NOT ready, Minos. He is twelve years old, can't we wait a little longer?" "He might as well be, Daedalus has finished it yesterday and I don't want it to gather dust any longer!" Proteus began to worry, what should he be ready for? What has been finished? "Proteus, my boy, me and your step-father have organised something...special for you." the queen said with a stroke of worry. "It is a place were you can be yourself and your meals will be sent in once a year." the king droned. Proteus liked the sound of being himself, he could spend the days drawing on the walls or making shadow puppets at night. "Please come with us" the king continued.

Minutes later Proteus, the king, the queen and Ariadne were walking down a swirling set of stairs. Ariadne had always listened to her father and as a result never even gave Proteus a small glance. "H..hi si...sister..." Proteus stuttered to his step-sister. But all that Ariadne said in reply was a "Hmph". "We are here..." the king announced whilst pulling a lever. A doorway simultaniously slided open. "It looks dark, how will I see my way?" Proteus asked. "With these." the queen replied, revealing a pair of flints and a small lump of straw. Moments after these items had been placed in Proteus' hands, the king then shoved the child into the dark room. "Say goodbye to your brother, Ariadne." the king commanded. "Why should I? For I don't have a brother." Ariadne replied coldly. Proteus stared at his step-sister in shock and then burst into tears pleading "Please, don't leave me! Don't go mother!". "I'm sorry..." the queen whispered with her head cast down and shedding tears of her own.

As years went by Proteus (or the Minotaur as he was called) became merciless and wandered endlessy in the Labyrinth until he was killed by the great hero Theseus. But was Theseus a hero or a murderer?

I know right? tragic...
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