Dionysus in Winter Picture

This is Dionysus, God of the vine, and of wine both the good and the bad parts
mysterious, with followers who are said to have gone into violent, crazy, drug-induced orgies, and run half-naked through the woods, praising their god, and also tearing any living thing in their path to shreds, and eating them raw.

But Dionysus isn't all evil!! He is good as well! I promise!!! he had many plays held in his honor, and is one of he three Earth deities- Demeter, Persephone, and himself- and as such closest to the mortals.

He and Persephone Know what it feels like to die. Persephone descending to the underworld come the end of fall, and Dionysus being ripped to shreds, just as his beloved grape vines are during the harves, leaving only bare stumps.

He is kind too, sparing the Helmsman from his wrath on the pirates, and when Theseus abandoned her, Dionysus showed Ariadne kindness, and showed her true love. When She died, he had the crown he gave her as a gift placed in the stars, forevermore known as the constellation Coronus.

This is Dionysus, who dies every year, to be born again in the spring, along with persephone, they know the pain of dying, and know the pain that mortas fear the most. Demeter knows the pain of losing a loved one, but she does not know how it feels to truly die
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