On My Own - Lego LesMis Picture

I did this quickly, as I am sure the people who actually see this are able to tell.

Anyway, this is meant to depict Eponine from Les Miserables during the song On My Own. For those of you who don't know, Eponine is in love with this guy named Marius, but he doesn't love her back or even realize she's interested. She actually is on her way to a barricade, where Marius is, to tell him that she successfully delivered his love letter to a girl named Cosette.
She was disguised as a guy when she delivered the letter, but for this song I had her take her hat off (that's the thing on/in her hand).

To make Eponine, I used Hermione Granger's hair, Hermione's face (with edits to the lips and eyebrows to make her seem less happy), Albus Dumbledore's torso (the purple robe edited to dark beige and part of the chest changed to a white-ish shirt), Dobby the free elf's arms, the cap of the artist (from the fourth series), and the artist's pants (with the paint stains changed to black-ish).
I experimented a little with this water-diffusion brush and the rubber stamp, especially for the stains.

Now for the background. I took a normal gray 8x16 block and covered it with thin, light gray pieces. I then added the lamp-post, which might have come from the train station (Hogwarts Express) set, and two brown slanted pieces topped with a green leafy thing from the Aragog set.

For the backdrop, I looked up images of the Corona Borealis on the internet, picked one, zoomed in a bit, put the Legos on a pedestal so that they looked like they were in front of the stars, took a picture, sent it to myself, cropped it, and started to edit the Lego picture on Corel Painter Essentials 4.

Here's the picture. [link]

I chose the Corona Borealis because I like the mythology regarding it. It reminds me a bit of Fantine. Basically, this girl, Ariadne, fell in love this guy named Theseus. Theseus needed to go into a labyrinth and try to defeat the minotaur residing there, so Ariadne gave him some twine and a sword to help out. They eloped afterwards, but he didn't really love her. So he left her. Dionysus discovered her and put her crown into the sky as a constellation.

I feel like I have more to say but just can't think of it. If I remember, I'll update this later.

In any case, have a good day~

Oh, and neither the Lego company nor Les Miserables belong to me.
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