Comic Panel Experiment Picture

Yyyyyyyup so I'm revisiting my idea of wanting to make a comic.

I'll make a journal soon about what's going to be changed (there's quite a bit), but for now I just wanted to show you guys what I'm thinking about for my comic "style."

The biggest problem for me has been backgrounds. If I'm being completely honest, I suck at painting backgrounds. So hard. So I decided to try a different approach and do "lined" backgrounds. So far, I like where it's headed. This is just a test to see how lined backgrounds look for me, and I like that it's very comic-y looking. So I'll probably end up using this style for comic backgrounds.

Also, I think the comic is going to feature many species, not just lions, but wolves as well and probably other animals too. I think it'll add some diversity to the story. This is going to be one of my main characters, and she's tentatively named Ariadne or "Ria."
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