Songs from the Olympos Picture

I leave everything to the taciturn you, so just order something for me.
Battered by love, cornered by work, I can't cry just yet.
Your long fingers look so charming when I glance at them over the counter.
I wonder how you will use those fingers to make me intoxicated tonight.

Don't pretend or hide anything. Lay yourself bare under my extrasensory perception.
You're strong, but your heart is on the verge of breaking, is it not?

How about a stimulating flavor that will make your everything just burn away?
The key that will satisfy you is appearing on the surface of your flushing skin.

Stop. I'm not in the mood for that tonight.

- Bartender, Natural High feat. Junpei Shiina




And a beautiful girl by the piano to sing a duet with

Can life be more grand?

Dionysus and Ariadne (c) classical mythology
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