Helen Rants Picture

"They'll slay monstrous beasts, they'll marry us, they'll even start wars over us, but the truth is it NEVER ends well for us."

"That's not true. Perseus--"

"Shut up, Andromeda."

So, because I know all of you have read up on your ancient Greek mythology, you'll know that these lovely ladies are Medea, Helen, Andromeda and Ariadne! I think I like Ariadne's story the best. Though that might be because my favorite hero is Theseus.

Everyone likes to relax and complain about their life every now and again, so why can't mythological Greek princesses? But of course, in the midst of their drunken conversation, Helen brings up the fact that no one gets a happily-ever-after, and Andromeda has to prove her wrong, because, you know, her and Perseus DO live happily-ever-after.

._. It was funnier in my head.

(Ignore the fact that Helen looks really old. And that Medea's head is too big)
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