Dionysus : Greek God Of Cross Dressing Picture

This is a picture of Dionysus cross dressing. (Duhs) With Apollo in the background.

Dion is also the god of wine /drunkeness/ rebirth/ and homosexuality.

I uses green and purple to represent the grape colors and green for earthy vine color. The leapord print is because Dionysus's animal is a leapard.

I felt the need to picture Apollo because i love him , and theres actually more homosexual stories about him then Dionysus (That i found) Plus I mentioned Ari (Ariadne) because she's Dions wife.

He stayed loyal to her after marriage.

Hermes was actually the one who suggested to the nymphs that were hiding the baby Dionysus to dress him in drag so Hera couldn't find him.

It was a quick marker sketch i thought was kinda cute.
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