Bride to Madness-Ariadne's family Picture

Behold, the women of Ariadne's family. What a crazy family. Okay, breakdown from left to right: Queen Pasiphae (their mother and the woman who slept with a bull and gave birth to the Minotaur), Akakallis, Phaedra, and the youngest sister, Xenodice. There were also four sons, Androgeus, Deucalion, Catreus, and Glaucus. Akakallis and Ariadne look more like their mother than their father. But Ariadne got dear old dad's dashing grey eyes. Phaedra and Xenodice look more like their father.
Ariadne was not the only girl in her family to sleep with a god. Akakallis was said to have slept with Apollo and given him a son. So both girls were loved by gods, Ariadne just married one. In my story, she's a rather sympathetic character due to her father's constant disapproval of her for having an affair and producing an illegitimate child. She is also the most beautiful of her sisters, Ariadne being her close second. Phaedra may seem sweet and innocent, but she's actually quite a schemer and has always been jealous of Ariadne for being King Minos's favored child. It's a confusing relationship of love and hate. And Xenodice is still rather young and actually is very innocent and fun-loving and optimistic. She's a bit of a little cutie.

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