Ariadne Argyris Picture

Full name: Aridane Diana Argyris
Nicknames: Ari, Danny
Ariadne: is Greek and means 'most holy'. It was the name of one of King Minos's and Pasiphae's daughters, who betrayed her father by helping Theseus. Theseus later abandoned her on an Island, where Dionysus found her and she became his bride.
Diana: is Greek/Roman and means 'divine'. It was the name of the Roman goddess of the Moon and the Hunt; the Roman name for Artemis.
Argyris: is Greek and means 'silver'.
So her name literally means Most Holy Divine Silver. I chose her name for the close relation to the Greeks and mythology, Ariadne especially because of the relation to the mist and mazes through her mother. And Argyris because of the saying 'silver tongue', which means that she is good with words, as a child of Apate should be.

General Information
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 13th June
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Years at Camp: 5
Physical traits:
Hair: Black, straight, bob with a fringe.
Eyes: Amber (I know they look more yellow, but they're meant to be a dark amber).
Body type: Small
Height: 5'3"
Personality: Ariadne can be quite moody, and is the majority of the time. She feels like no one trusts her for being 'the child of lies', but she is also very proud of her parentage, as she feels it makes her slightly different - to be the child of one the evil spirits released from Pandora's Box, and likes to scare people with this information. She finds it hard to trust people though, because she never feels that they trust her. She's quite conservative with her friendship, but once you get there she is ineffably loyal. She doesn't believe in undeserved violence and always takes the time to evaluate the situation before charging in. Although skilled in combat, she isn't particularly strong, so she has to rely on her knowledge and training to win a fight. She's quick and calculating, and as her sister says; "you never know exactly what she's doing, but if she's got a plan it's usually best to go along with it. She's probably right."
Likes: Horse Riding, and often takes Lyra out when she needs to clear her heard, as she finds it therapeutic; She plays the piano, and has done since she was 6, when Apate's cabin was made, she had a grand piano put in; She loves ancient Egyptian mythology, and spends a lot of time reading up on it, and then quoting it at Isolde.
Dislikes: Pegasi, she thinks the ones at Camp Half Blood make fun of Lyra for not being able to fly; When one of her plans or theories doesn't work; and being looked down upon because of her parentage, Sword fighting.
Can't fight with swords, she thinks that they are too heavy and long, preffering a shorter knife instead.
Her offense isn't great - unlike Isolde, she prefers to stay at a distance and use her throwing stars, her knife is ther, really, for emergencies - not that she can't use it!
Ari is too cautious, she takes too long with decisons and is unwilling to take risks.
She is physically weak.
She doesn't trust people easilly.
Is always doubting herself - really hasn't got the best self esteem.
Is a pessimist, through and through.
She is incredibly stuborn, and won't give up unless it's on her own terms.
Fatal Flaw: Self doubt.
Fears: That no one can trust her - she's so good at lying, why can't she fool herself? Moths. That she is too cold, and will give anything for the sake of the mission, she worries she doesn't open up enough, which makes her close down more.
Odd habits: Can't stand still,is contantly rocking or moving leg - it drives people insane. When she's trying to make a point, her fairly well spoken English accent slips into a mild yorkshire one.
History: She was able to live in near-enough peace until she was 10, and her sister was 12, when a group of 3 Empousi attacked their home in Yorkshire, England, their mother appeared and fought them off. She explained that they'd only been safe this long because she was a minor goddess, but they were both still demigods, and had to make their way to Camp Half Blood. She gifted them with Lyra, to disguise them on the way. They only ran into some lost Cyclopes, who asked for directions, before realising that they could eat these demigods, but by which point Isolde had lopped of ones ear and they both ran away. She has a strong relationship with both her father and her sister, her father moved to New York with them so they could stay at Camp Half Blood, but still see him on a regular basis. She also has a good relationship with Apate, as far as one can with godly parents, because Apate had set up small ward spells to protect them for as long as she could.
As a Demigod, she is naturally tuned for battle, so suffers from ADHD and is reasonably adept at speaking Ancient Greek, so is dyslexic, and taught herself some Latin.
As a child of Apate, she can manipulate the mist, to create an augmented reality that makes people perceive her physicallity as someone else, and in some instances can sense what appearance/person will have the most effect upon someone.
She can also tell when someone is lying to her.
Is resistant to charmspeak - but not immune, unless the one speaking is a child of Apate.
She is also a quick and effective liar.
She is a skilled knife combatant, and is talented at throwing knives, shurikens and archery.
Her Dad taught her to play piano since the 6.

Divine Parent: Apate, Goddess/embodiment of deceit
Mortal Family:
Father: George Argyris
Sister: Isolde Argyris
Opinions on family:
Father: She still sees her father often and spend as much time with him as possible, which was made easier because he moved to New York so as to be closer to Ari and Isolde.
Mother: Ari has a better relationship with her mother than most. Her mother visits her fairly regularly, now that she's at camp (Apate's the goddess of deceit, so what the Olympians don't know won't hurt them).
Sister: She loves annoying her sister, which usually involves mocking her defensive strategy. Ariadne would give almost anoything for her sister, and - other than her father - she is the only one she'd do that for.
Pets: Lyra; A horse whose spirit has been bonded with that of a witch, Leisel - she specialised in deceit charms, who was killed in the second world war, Apate bonded her soul to the horse, which makes Lyra unnaturally fast, and gives her the ability to manipulate the mist to disguise herself and her rider.
Love interest: None
Friends: (I have other characters that she could interact with, but I want her to interact with other characters in groups and on deviantArt in general. So if you want to roleplay, or just want them to be friends, give me a bell (Which means send me a message)!)

Normal form: Celestial bronze shurikens in the shape of a 6 pointed star, but each end looks like an arrow tip.
Mist form: key ring that replenishes the lost charms/shurikens
Close range
She also has a Celestial Bronze Kopis knife, around the length of her forearm.
Magic Items: Her shurikens/key rings, and her leather jacket that is enchanted to be extra durable and absorb hits.

Art work and character by me.
Percy Jackson an the Olympians (C) Rick Riordan
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