Ariadne Sokkelo Picture

Mooi~! It's my turn to do this thing. even though i'm a little nervous about posting this..

I'm still working on perfecting her but hopefully its good so far. : p

Some notes about the drawing: Originally it wasn't going to be Ariadne, but over the course of drawing it slowly became her. I ended up changing the way she looks and I can't say I'm too proud of the outfit. I mostly got tired of looking at it by the time I actually got to her legs. I tried to put enough detail to where it was still okay.. As for the profile.. well, I'll keep making it better as I go. Hopefully nothing contradicts itself. I wan't it to make sense according to canon so its likely to change. :3


Name: Ariadne Sokkelo

Trollian: melancholyMelody

Class: Maid of Breath

Land: The Land of Labyrinths and Snow

Quirk: Uses perfect grammar except she turns all her A’s and a's into /-\’s. Prefers not to use emotes, instead expressing herself in other ways.

For example showing her anger with COMPLETE C/-\PIT/-\LIZ/-\TION. Or showing her excitement with added exclamation!!! ( slight chance i'll change this one.. )

Blood: #6633cc

Lusus: A giant seabird. Specifically a goldeneye.

Gender: Female

Strife Specibi: Songkind, daggerkind

Fetch Modus: Arpeggio: The given sequence of notes must be played or sung accordingly to expel any item that has been captchalogued. ( further detail might be added later on this one. )

Symbol: The Corona Borealis. It is said to have been given to the mythological woman she was named after. The text version of it is this: \nln/ ( i'll add a link to what it looks like once i find it again.. )

Likes: Her favorite things include photography, outdoor activities which specifically include the snow, and singing. She enjoys taking photos. In particular things that are out of the ordinary. She sometimes takes pictures of other trolls without asking permission which has gotten her into trouble more than a few times. Her favorite outdoor activities are all mostly snow related. This specially includes snowball fights, though most of the time she ends up hurting someone. She loves a challenge so if you’re able to hit her back you will most likely end up on her good side. Other things she likes to do are go ice skating and swimming in the icy waters of her land. Singing is one of those things she was born doing. She most specifically likes to sing old troll folk songs and those which contain deep emotions in them that she can express through her singing.

Dislikes: She doesn't like hot weather. She dislikes feeling sweaty and icky. She prefers the cold and refuses to be around hot temperatures. If she has to be she will make it obvious that she isn’t enjoying it. Surprisingly though she is very much fond of spending time in a sauna or in hot springs. do those words even exist in troll language.. If you point out anything about this though she will become defensive, arguing that it’s the good kind of heat.

Personality: She has a pleasant personality most of the time, but if you do something to upset her she will become stubborn and easier to irritate. Almost to a point where she may become ridiculous in her comebacks. She can be quite protective and at times jealous if anyone tries to get too close to someone she likes. Despite the appearance of a cheerful personality she has a more melancholy side to her that others rarely get to see. Mostly because she is good about hiding it. Included with this is the potential to become surprisingly aggressive.

Special abilities: She’s pretty fast both underwater and on land. Her preferred method against an opponent is to outsmart them as opposed to using pure strength. She usually moves quickly enough to where her opponents end up hurting themselves more than her. However, if she is pinned by an opponent her lack of great strength becomes her weakness. Which is why she makes sure she never ends up in such a position. She has been known for using a dagger in battle but that usually comes out once she has cause to be more aggressive.

Quadrants: There is a possibility that she may or may not have a quadrant or two but she is not likely to tell you easily who they are filled by.

Other: Although she is a seadweller, Ariadne is fond of spending her time outside of the ocean. Her home is located in ruins but she rarely stays in just one place. Instead choosing to move from place to place. She enjoys wearing winter attire and refuses to wear anything but boots no matter what she ends up in.
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