Colour Palette Challenge: Mythology 2 Picture

Every once in a while I challenge myself to find colour palettes on and then draw according to a theme using suggestions from tumblr users. This is a collection of all of the mythological characters I have drawn. Part 1: [link]

I find palettes by searching for a certain keyword. I've included a list of the characters and the names of the palettes here...

First Row
Arts and Crafts - Athena
BFF 4-ever - Pirithous
Inner Battles - Andromache
Memories of Crete - Ariadne
Mourning War Culture - Antigone
Nature Goddess - Ariadne
Second Row
Protect in the Light - Niobe
Queen of Fate - Jocasta
Revelation - Ariadne
Sincere Desire - Himeros
Stab of Regret - Jocasta
Taboo - Jocasta
Third Row
The Mundane - Ikelos
Ocean of Myself - Amphitrite
The Sunset of Sorrow - Achilles
The Swan Queen - Leda
Vengeance - Clytemnestra
Water & Flames - Hephaestus

That day seemed to be "Tragic Greek Heroine" day.
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