Maybe Ariadne Picture

This sketch is the closest I've come to a design for Ariadne so far. I tried to simply draw her as a maenad with panther skin and a crown of ivy to see if it would work for her (I gave her a nose ring, though, since I wanted her to have something reminding of India).

I imagine that Ariadne loves to dance, just like Dionysus. Her dance here feels a bit too cute, though. And I still don't know what to think of this design. Maybe it works. Maybe not.

I'm still in a bit of a down period when it comes to my drawing. I've sketched two panels on the next page of Daddy's Girl, but the inspiration just don't want to come to me. I know that periods like this come once in a while and that they eventually pass, but it feels so damn frustrating. I get so restless when I can't work on my comics. It feels like I don't have a purpose anymore (well, I never said I had a life).
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